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    Format 16×23,5 cm, stron XIV+607, rozkładane kolorowe mapy i czarno-białe ilustracje w tekście, oprawa twarda płócienna.

    Stan bardzo dobry (nieznaczne przybrudzenia oprawy).

    Książka w języku angielskim.

    Spis treści:

    • A. P. Goudy: Racial Origins.
    • S. Kętrzyński: The Introduction of Christianity and the Early Kings of Poland.
    • A. Bruce Boswell: The Twelfth Century: from Growth to Division, 1079-1202.
    • Pierre David: The Church in Poland, from its Origin to 1250.
    • A. Bruce Boswell: Territorial Division and the Mongol Invasions, 1202-1300.
    • K. Tymieniecki: The Reunion of the Kingdom, 1295-1333.
    • M. Z. Jedlicki: German Settlement in Poland and the Rise of the Teutonic Order.
    • A. Bruce Boswell: Cultural and Social Conditions in the Middle Ages.
    • O. Halecki: Casimir the Great 1333-70.
    • O. Halecki: From the Union with Hungary to the Union with Lithuania: Jadwiga, 1374-99.
    • O. Halecki: Problems of the New Monarchy: Jagello and Vitold, 1400-34.
    • Jagiełło’s Successors: the Thirteen Years’ War with the Knights, 1434-66.
    • F. Papee: Imperial Expansion and the Supremacy of the Gentry, 1466-1506.
    • O. Halecki: The Renaissance in Poland: Cultural Life and Literature.
    • S. S. Komornicki: The Renaissance in Poland: the Fine Arts.
    • W. Pociecha: Zygmunt (Sigismund) I, 1506-48.
    • P. Fox: The Reformation in Poland.
    • J. Pajewski: Zygmunt August and the Union of Lublin, 1548-72.
    • F. Nowak: The Interregna and Stephen Batory, 1572-86.
    • J. Umiński: The Counter-Reformation in Poland.
    • J. Siemieński: Constitutional Conditions in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
    • J. Rutkowski: The Social and Economic Structure in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
    • F. Nowak: Sigismund III, 1587-1632.
    • P. O. von Torne: Poland and the Baltic in the first half of the Seventeeth Century.
    • W. Czapliński: The Reign of Władysław IV, 1632-48.
    • M. Korduba: The Reign of John Casimir, Part I, 1648-54.
    • W. Tomkiewicz: The Reign of John Casimir, Part II, 1654-68.
    • O. Forst de Battaglia: Jan Sobieski, 1674-96.
    • A. Bruckner: Polish Cultural Life in the Seventeenth Century.
    • W. Tatarkiewicz: Polish Art in the Seventeenth Century.
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