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    Format 15×23 cm, stron 274, okładka miękka.

    Stan bardzo dobry.

    Książka w języku angielskim.

    Spis treści:

    • Ian Buchanan: Introduction.
    • Frederic Jameson: Marxism and Dualism in Deleuze.
    • D. N. Rodowick: The Memory of Resistance.
    • John Mullarkey: Deleuze and Materialism: One or Several Matters?
    • Ronald Bogue: Art and Territory.
    • Ian Buchanan: Deleuze and Cultural Studies.
    • Manuel DeLanda: Immanence and Transcendence in the Genesis of Form.
    • Charles J. Stivale: Comment peut-on etre deleuzien? Persuing a Two-Fold Thought.
    • Eugene W. Holland: Marx and Poststructualist Philosophies of Differance.
    • Tessa Dwyer: Straining to Hear (Deleuze).
    • Horst Ruthrof: Deleuze and the Body: Eluding Kafka’s „Little Death Sentence”.
    • Andre Pierre Colombat: Deleuze and the Three Powers of Literature and Philosophy: To Demystify, to Experiment, to Create.
    • Jerry Aline Flieger: Overdeterminded Oedipus: Mommy, Daddy, and Me as Desiring-Machine.
    • Jean-Clet Martin: Deleuze’s Philosophy of the Concrete.
    • Tom Conley: From Multiplicities to Folds: On Style and Form in Deleuze.
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